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Public safety secretary responds to criminal justice reform concerns 

AFTER THE CHAIRMAN of the House Judiciary Committee questioned Gov. Charlie Baker’s commitment to implementing the criminal justice and police reform laws, Baker officials defended their efforts in a detailed letter.  House Judiciary Committee chairman Michael Day, a Stoneham Democrat, had written to Public Safety and Security Secretary Terrence Reidy last month identifying “disturbing instances […]

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Rollins slams lack of criminal justice data sharing

SUFFOLK COUNTY District Attorney Rachael Rollins slammed the Baker administration for failing to update  the state’s criminal justice information system to allow information to be more easily shared between agencies.  “I think it’s just excuses,” Rollins said when asked why the update – mandated by a 2018 law – has not yet been completed. She was testifying Monday before the […]

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Berkshire DA under fire for dangerousness hearings

TWO YEARS AGO, shortly after she was elected district attorney in Berkshire County, Andrea Harrington said she was going to sharply curtail the use of cash bail. “A cash bail system is basically un-American,” she said on WGBY-TV’s Connecting Point. “It’s discriminatory against people who are impoverished. Two people accused of the same crime with […]

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3 steps toward racially just policing

THE GUILTY VERDICT in the trial of Derek Chauvin does not put an end to the long and difficult struggle for racially just policing. Officers continue to kill people with alarming frequency – so far this year 330 people have died in police encounters. Every instance of police violence takes an immeasurable toll on individuals, families, and our society. […]

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State slow to improve criminal justice data collection 

A WELL-KNOWN management maxim warns, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. By that reckoning, those trying to better the state’s criminal justice system are often flying blind.  How long, for example, does the average probationer in Massachusetts stay on probation? Or how many people last year had their probation revoked?  State Probation Commissioner Edward Dolan has no idea. While each probationer has their […]