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Unemployment insurance bill kicks the can

A BILL BEING CONSIDERED  by the state Legislature to freeze businesses’ unemployment insurance payments may be a short-term fix, but it does not solve the longer-term problem of how to keep the fund solvent in the future. “This is a perfectly reasonable, short-term fix for our unemployment insurance shortfall, but it’s a missed opportunity to […]

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Rent payments pile up for business owners

DANIEL BOJORQUEZ, the owner of the La Brasa and Fat Hen restaurants in Somerville, is being squeezed by his landlord and the coronavirus.  His restaurants have been shut down since mid-March by the virus and they’re unlikely to reopen before June. Bojorquez owes $13,000 in rent for April and May, and he’s staring at another rent payment coming due on June 1.   He […]

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Union push hinders housing production

DEMANDING CONSTRUCTION of more affordable housing is the right thing to do. Getting it done is another thing entirely, which is why it’s fair to question practices that slow the pace of or obstruct production altogether. In Boston, the tradition of city officials arm-twisting developers to hire union workers has undoubtedly hurt affordable housing production. […]

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New voices, proposals emerging in Boston’s biz community

WINDS OF CHANGE are starting to blow through Boston’s business community. One clear signal came earlier this month, when close to 20 business organizations said they would heed an appeal from House Speaker Robert DeLeo to help develop a transportation policy that likely will call for additional revenues. “It’s time for a united voice from […]