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House passes abortion provider protections as advocates clamor for more

THE MASSACHUSETTS House on Wednesday passed a bill protecting Massachusetts abortion providers from adverse consequences by other states and requiring insurers to cover abortion care. Yet even with the Legislature’s swift action, health care advocates and Massachusetts’ US senators continued to push for additional steps to respond to the US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe […]

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MassGOP challenges vote-by-mail law

PERMANENT MAIL-IN voting is now the law in Massachusetts – unless Republican Party chair Jim Lyons has his way. The conservative GOP chair filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Judicial Court on Thursday challenging voting by mail as unconstitutional, a day after Gov. Charlie Baker bucked many in his party by signing voting-by-mail into law. […]

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Senate staff get raises and pay scale changes – but no union

MASSACHUSETTS SENATE staff seeking to unionize have gotten a big portion of what they want – minus the union. Senate President Karen Spilka on Wednesday announced a new compensation system for Senate staff, which standardizes job classifications and aligns them with pay grades and salary ranges that are based on work experience, training, and education. […]

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Massachusetts can lead in supporting LGBTQ+ youth 

RECENT LEGISLATIVE ACTION in Texas and Florida reminds us that LGBTQ+ youth continue to be targeted and criminalized for expressing their gender identity. Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law prohibits instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade, while requiring that such instruction be “age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate” in later […]

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House plans vote on mental health bill

THE MASSACHUSETTS HOUSE on Thursday plans to vote on a mental health bill that would improve access to mental health care, particularly for children, while ensuring that the health care system treats mental and physical health care equally.   The House bill builds on a major bill that the Senate passed in November and includes many […]

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Cemeteries exploring climate-friendly burials

IT’S HARD TO IMAGINE Greater Boston without its expansive cemeteries that serve as both resting places and public spaces – Mount Auburn, Forest Hills, Mount Hope. These garden cemeteries replaced the earlier practices where Americans were laid to rest in isolated plots or in crowded town and city graveyards. Rural, landscaped cemeteries were created in […]