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Battle for MBTA’s soul underway

As the task to slice and dice the MBTA’s historic collapse gets underway, a battle royale has erupted anew between two camps of transportation influencers who can be loosely described as the expansionists and the fix-it-firsters. On the expansion side, advocacy groups like the MassPIRG and Conservation Law Foundation, which backed a controversial Big Dig mitigation agreement […]

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Beacon Hill’s MBTA fix: Let them ride the T

Nonplussed by the plight of the poor, a French aristocrat once said “let them eat cake.” With hundreds of thousands of people struggling during the MBTA’s winter crisis, Massachusetts legislative leaders have come up with similar rejoinder: Let them ride the T. Senate President Stan Rosenberg, the Amherst Democrat, is receptive to greater investment in the […]

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Baker and the MBTA stage management crisis

Paging Harry Truman. The 33rd president delivered one of the most recognizable lines about leadership in American history, so famous that it has become a cliché. “The buck stops here.” If Truman isn’t your go-to-guy, how about leadership tips from Warren Buffett? Or God, Jr? Or Dale Carnegie? Dealing with snow is a major leadership test for any public chief executive, and […]