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Ballot question season already at a boil

THE FIRST REAL starting shot of the state ballot question cycle has been fired, kicking several high profile campaigns into high gear and already raising the specter of legal challenges. Voters in 2024 and 2026 could be weighing MCAS requirements, rent control, the employment status of app-based drivers, and even decriminalizing psychedelics among the potential smorgasbord […]

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Healey launches offshore wind procurement at risky time

GOV. MAURA HEALEY launched what she described as the region’s largest offshore wind procurement this week. “With our top academic institutions, robust workforce training programs, innovative companies, and support from every level of government – Massachusetts is all-in on offshore wind,” she said. But what her press release failed to mention was that this procurement […]

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Democracy faces test with 2024 election

FIFTY YEARS AGO, I was first elected to Congress, a beneficiary of voter backlash against the chaos of the previous decade that had included an unpopular war, widespread protests, multiple assassinations, and a presidential resignation. The new Congress passed urgently needed electoral reforms that helped our nation survive for another five decades.    The 2024 presidential election […]

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A religious wrinkle in the rent control debate

OPPONENTS OF a potential ballot initiative allowing for a local rent control option are covering all their bases in urging Attorney General Andrea Campbell not to certify it. In between claims that the ballot measure improperly includes unrelated items in the same proposal and that it would allow taking property without just compensation, coalitions of […]