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Business leaders take the lead on growth issues — but not here

Growth & Development Extra 2006 From the outside, Greater Boston’s economic prospects look bright. Living up to its reputation as a scrappy, live-by-your-wits metropolitan area, the region survived globalization and deindustrialization to resurface as a world leader in advanced technology and knowledge-based industries. Nationally, Boston is heralded as a “comeback city” and often described as […]

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For the good of our economy the next phase of education reform must aim higher

The recent news that Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble was buying the Gillette Co. set off the predictable round of hand wringing about Boston’s future. Yet the vibrancy of the Massachusetts economy, driven as it is by the Boston region, will depend little on the presence of this or that company headquarters, poignant though their loss […]

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Massachusetts is a global leader in innovation but not in civic matters

MASSACHUSETTS HAS BEEN long recognized as possessing unique capacities at producing innovations that have changed the nation and the world. Whether its residents are especially gifted or they take advantage of the region’s rich institutional and financial resources, the Bay State distinguishes itself as an incubator for new ideas that work. Such new ideas and […]

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Medical services must be rationed but in a sensible way

The federal government recently reported that health care spending has surpassed $1.5 trillion. Roughly 15 percent of our gross domestic product goes to health care, a far higher percentage than in any other nation. Yet life expectancy is lower in the US than in Sweden, Japan, Iceland, Italy, Israel, France, Australia, and several other countries. […]