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Tax credits: the biggest stimulus no one is talking about

FOR COMMUNITIES OF COLOR, there has always been a strained relationship with our tax system, thanks to rules that keep the gap between black/brown and white wealth disproportionally wide.  The tax system was even weaponized against Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was investigated in both Georgia and Alabama, and repeatedly by the IRS, which […]

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Will DOC’s insistence on jury trial hold up?

IN ADDITION to consuming most of the attention of the legislative and executive branches of government, the COVID-19 pandemic is also keeping the judicial branch busy. Twelve times in the last 11 virus-wracked months, the Supreme Judicial Court has issued decisions resolving some legal tangle caused by COVID. Among the questions the court has answered: […]

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Will developers block clean energy standards?

LATE IN THE last session, the Massachusetts Legislature passed a landmark climate bill targeting zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and mandating several mechanisms to achieve the goal. Gov. Baker vetoed the bill on the ground that it would make construction too expensive, echoing concerns raised by contractors and developers. The Legislature then passed the identical bill […]

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Put an end to cuts at the MBTA

LAST FALL, when the MBTA announced it was planning deep cuts to bus, train, ferry ,and commuter rail service, the opposition was swift and virtually unanimous.  Riders, workers, elected officials, and employers raised the alarm that T cuts would make it harder for essential workers to get to their jobs, worsen unemployment, disproportionately impact low-income people and communities of color, and take […]

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Missing the boat on vaccinating the black community

MASSACHUSETTS LEADERS have pledged to address systemic racism. A COVID-19 vaccination strategy that prioritizes heavily impacted black communities is the opportunity to slow the spread of the disease while bringing real meaning to those words. Black and brown Americans have shouldered the burden of the pandemic, with blacks particularly impacted. In undervalued and underpaid jobs, many have […]

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Whole lot of clicks to get vaccines

I HAD BEEN hearing the stories about seniors trying to sign up for Phase 2 COVID-19 vaccines: websites swallowing information, hours to find a location with available vaccine, people booking appointments only to have them canceled shortly afterwards because the vendor had allowed Phase 2 patients to accidentally book on a Phase 1 day. Torturous computer applications […]