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COVID-19 fallout: Alarming trend of severe liver disease

This is another in a series of conversations between Dr. Jarone Lee, a frontline critical care and emergency physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and associate professor at Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Paul Hattis, a retired associate professor at the Tufts University Medical School who participates in CommonWealth’s Health or Consequences Codcast. Find links for past conversations […]

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Prisoners get high priority for vaccine

ADVOCATES FOR THE 13,000 people incarcerated at state and county jails praised the Baker administration on Wednesday for deciding to give prisoners and prison officials early access to the COVID-19 vaccine, but said they would continue to press state officials to release inmates early. “It is commendable that the governor recognizes that prisoners should be […]

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Will people get a second COVID-19 vaccine?

A NEW POLL shows most Massachusetts residents are comfortable with eventually getting a COVID-19 vaccine. The results are good news, as health experts keep pointing out that even a vaccine with 95 percent effectiveness is only as good as its take-up rate by the population. But it might be good to hold off on taking […]

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Don’t forget home care workers

AS WE WAIT for a final plan on who should be the first to receive limited supplies of COVID-19 vaccines, there is general consensus that health care personnel who are likely exposed to or treat COVID-19 infected people should be at the front of the line. This group includes frontline workers at hospitals, long-term care […]

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Rollback of reopening is imperative amid new surge 

MASSACHUSETTS FINDS ITSELF in the eye of a storm. As municipal leaders, we have grown increasingly concerned as we see COVID-19 cases spiking across the state. In some communities we are already seeing the rising prevalence of this virus cause week-long turnaround times for COVID tests as contact tracers are unable to keep up with the sheer volume […]

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Baker announces expanded testing, limits on elective surgery

AS THE SURGE of COVID-19 cases continues statewide, Gov. Charlie Baker announced new measures to expand testing and keep hospital beds open.    Baker was visibly angry as he discussed the need to increase testing and stem the virus’s spread, saying that the state’s positive test rate “took off like a rocket,” because some people ignored public health recommendations […]