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Old North Church grapples with slavery

WINDING THEIR WAY along the red brick and red painted Freedom Trail, Boston tourists eventually find themselves in front of the Old North Church. Their eyes may seek out the bell tower where lanterns famously beamed out – one if by land, and two if by sea – a warning of arriving British troops.  But […]

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Educator diversity must become a priority in our schools

EDUCATION POLICYMAKERS and politicians say they are concerned about a growing educator shortage bearing down on our public schools. But for years, our students of color have been crying out about the lack of educators who look like them.  The state’s education establishment and individual school district administrators, who are responsible for hiring educators, in […]

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MTA gearing up to push for new ballot questions

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE MASSACHUSETTS VOTERS in 2024 could be asked to settle two major education debates, but retailers may pass on bringing tax cuts to next year’s ballot. The state’s largest teacher’s union is considering ballot questions that would eliminate the graduation requirement associated with statewide standardized testing and create a “debt free college […]

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Mass. scrambles after affirmative action ruling 

EDUCATION, BUSINESS, AND government entities in the Bay State expressed outrage and despair at the US Supreme Court decision striking down the use of race in college admissions, which sets up an uncertain path to boosting diversity across schools and workforces. The court considered two cases challenging affirmative action – at Harvard and the University […]

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Supreme Court strikes down use of race in admissions

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE THE NATION’S HIGHEST COURT on Thursday declared that two major colleges violated the Constitution by considering a student’s race as a factor in admissions, a landmark decision that sent shockwaves through the higher education industry and generated condemnation, disappointment, and criticism from many corners. The US Supreme Court’s conservative majority restricted […]

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Riley rips Boston schools – again 

CALL IT THE double-secret probation of Massachusetts public schooling.  State education commissioner Jeff Riley is livid at leaders of the Boston Public Schools, from the mayor on down, and he’s letting everyone know it. But he’s made it clear, so far at least, that he has no interest in exercising his ultimate authority and taking control […]

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Sex ed gets an update in state’s new curriculum framework

ABSTINENCE IS A WORD that appears frequently in the state’s current curriculum framework for health education, which was released nearly 25 years ago in 1999. The 1999 framework, a guide for what should be taught in schools across the state, urges educators to “explain the benefits of abstinence, postponing sexual behavior, and setting limits on […]

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Peyser says ed reform overpromised 

IT’S HARD TO imagine a sweeping education initiative driven by a theme like “Making Steady Gains, Little by Little,” or “Inch by Inch,” to borrow from the popular children’s song about gardening. Incrementalism is not something that it’s easy to rally big support for – or big outlays of new public spending.  Instead, policymakers and […]